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Product Management

Product Options Management

Are you selling products that have options? One of the ShopixCart’s most powerful features is our advanced product options management. You can even set the order of options with our drag-and-drop functionality.

Unlimited Product Images

You will love the freedom of adding unlimited images of your products. After all, images are the most important elements that represent your product. Find your best images and upload them directly to your storefront.

Product-Based Tax

No matter what you are selling or where you are selling it to or from, you can specify different tax rates to each of your products. This gives great flexibility to sell different types of products together on your site without worrying about different tax rates.

Country-Based Tax Rates

Are you ready to go global? The first thing you will need is to set tax rates for each country you would like to sell in. This powerful feature will enable you to manage your entire portfolio of customer countries.

SEO Friendly Product Pages

Search engines love ShopixCart, because we speak the right language so you don’t have to. Just add your products and enter the SEO information you want, including customizable, friendly URLs and meta tags. Your products will be visible on search engines the way you want them to be searched and seen.

Easy-to-Use Inventory Management

Categorize up to five levels, use custom sorting per category for all your products and have full control over your inventory. It’s as easy as drag and drop.

Show Off Your Brands

Create brands with logos and assign products. Now you are ready to attract brand-loyal customers.