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ShopixCart POS

ShopixPOS is a “POS” which can be used from a web browser. It is therefore compatible with any operating system, any printer and any barcode reader. You can connect with your POS anywhere in the world and see real-time sales that make your vendors, the money raised, and of course: sell.

ShopixPOS covers many problems: selling in store, integrating all the transactions within ShopixCart, managing cashflow and staff performance. It works properly with most standard models of external point of sale peripherals: Barcode scanner, Credit card Swiper, Receipt printer, Cash Drawers, Touch-screens

POS with a friendly, easy-to-use interface

All checkout steps displayed within one page - no navigation, no scrolling, it is easy to use and fitting with any ShopixPOS screen.

Checkout with lightning fast speed

ShopixPOS enables retailers to process orders within seconds and have the inventory updated every minute.

A feature-rich POS solution

Helpful features are added in every step of checkout and management process: Order creation and management, payment methods, inventory updates, sales management and analytics. ShopixPOS helps your staffs checkout faster and with little errors, as well as builds a seamless bridge between your physical store and ShopixCart website.

1. Order creation and management

Find and add products quickly: using a barcode scanner, searching part of name or product ID, or picking from a tiled product lists.


Operate sales and promotion: by adding coupon/ promotion codes right at the checkout column.

Quick and easy access to edit order

Make instant discount for full order:You can add a discount for an order, by % or amount - an exclusive coupon code will be automatically gennerated

2. Faster and more flexible payment within POS

Various payment methods:External Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Check/Money order, Credit Card, and any custom method you are using at your store.

Auto-calculation of charge

Swipe function for credit card:Card information will be auto-filled, ensuring the security for your customers.

3. All POS data in one place

Products, inventory and orders in both online and offline stores are automatically updated and backed up together in the ShopixCart backend.

4. POS Offline mode

Never miss any sales! You can always process an order on ShopixPOS regardless of having internet or not. The order and inventory information will be sent to the ShopixCart backend whenever the Internet is back.

5. Business management

Customer management: Customer profiles can be created with new orders. You can track down their shopping habits, order history and contact at a glance.

Quick POS Report (ShopixPOS-Report): This report allows cashiers to get an immediate status of daily sales, and make comparison between total amount in system and manual count.

End-of-day report (Z report)A detailed report which sums all payment methods, shows an overview of all orders within the day, filtered by tills, cashiers and warehouse.