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Partner Program

The ShopixCart Partner program enables companies and private entrepreneurs to provide their customers with the powerful ecommerce solution and custom services in order to make a considerable profit. The program may be of a particular interest to those providing design or programming services as it gives an excellent opportunity to enhance their existing service offerings.


Embarking on the program helps distribute a turnkey shopping cart solution with rich and flexible functionality. Since ShopixCart shopping cart has already gained the confidence of lots of customers throughout the world, distributors resell well-known and well promoted software that is always in great demand.

Resellers are offered generous discounts depending on the number of licenses they purchase. Moreover, resellers are provided with one free license of each ShopixCart product to run a demo store or build a site where they distribute the software.

Each additional ShopixCart license is bundled with 3-month free technical support tickets.

ShopixCart licenses may be resold at any cost but not less than the set minimum retail price. ShopixCart wholesale pricing and the minimum retail prices are given in the table below:

ShopixCart Product 1-10 items/year 10-50 items/year 51+ items/year
ShopixCart (with premium storefront) -25% / lic. -35% / lic. -50% / lic.
ShopixCart (with custom storefront) -30% / lic. -40% / lic. -50% / lic.
Wholesale pricing can be applied only to bulk sales, for example, to purchase ShopixCart licenses, at least 5 licenses must be ordered at a time.

Mandatory conditions

The distributor shall have a website (or at least a separate page of their existing website) dedicated to ShopixCart software (promotional materials are provided).

Also the distributor shall have the ShopixCart Partner banner with a link to www.shopixcart.eu on their website.

To maintain the Partner status, it is required to order ShopixCart licenses (of any edition) to the total amount of not less than €1000 a year. This term is applied from the second year of the reseller’s activity.

How to enroll

In order to become ShopixCart Partner, fill in the partnership form. Within 48 hours our representative will contact you in order to complete the affiliation process.